If you are in distress, text WELLNESS to 741741 at any time. If it is an emergency, call 911 or go to your local emergency department.

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Have you ever encountered a colleague or an employee experiencing a mental health problem or crisis? What did you do? Did you feel uncomfortable or…

How to start the conversation The post Mental Health at Work — It Matters appeared first on Mental Health Commission of Canada.
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Leading companies, industries and institutions committed to protecting mental health and wellness in the workplace have implemented a “made in Canada” solution: the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health
Writing your end-of-life story has therapeutic effects. The art of getting to the end. The post DIY Obits appeared first on Mental Health Commission of Canada.
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Anti-Stigma Research Backgrounder
This backgrounder highlights emerging data on structural and self-stigma experienced by individuals with mental health or substance use disorder in Canada. The backgrounder provides an overview of purpose, key findings,
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