If you are in distress, text WELLNESS to 741741 at any time. If it is an emergency, call 911 or go to your local emergency department.

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Opening Minds
Canada's largest anti-stigma initiative is now a social enterprise. Same great courses, brand new look.
MHFA Facilitator Certification Training
Become a certified Mental Health First Aid facilitator.
Raise awareness and improve mental and physical health outcomes for men around the world.
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Advancing Mental Wellness

Opening Minds, a division of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, is the leading provider of evidence-based mental health training programs and stigma reduction initiatives across Canada.

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Trusted by these leading organizations

Hydro One

“Employees often let us know how much they appreciate that we offer this type of training.”

ATB Financial logo

“The results were very telling – the reduction in stigma, the reduction in concern about having a conversation, and the increase in interest and knowledge around self-care.”

Sancor Logo

“It’s rare to see a training program that has such positive feedback.”

Nabs logo

“MHFA training and certification is quickly becoming an integral part of our industry’s health and safety rigor.”

Government of Saskatchewan logo

“We are excited to support schools in ensuring students have access to mental health resources.”

Ikea Logo

“Since the completion of the training, we are now seeing our units being more proactive in initiating discussions and understanding what community resources are available to further support our co-workers.”

Loblaw Companies Limited logo | L'image de marque de Loblaws Companies Limited

“All of the feedback that we’ve gotten from those trained in MHFA was excellent. They’re always saying that it’s the best training they’ve ever received.”

WestJet logo | L'image de marque de WestJet

“I have to tell you, The Working Mind training was one of the best sessions I’ve attended in my 3+ years at WestJet.”

City of Edmonton logo

“Leadership was extremely receptive and supportive of the training from the get-go.”

City of Halifax logo

“[It was helpful to be able] to concentrate on the subject and be reminded of constructive approaches to mental health.”

Thunder Bay Logo

“The level of staff interest and the impact the training has had on shifting our workplace culture is truly remarkable.”

Laurentian University logo

“I found that the workshop helped me to see my own illness in a different light.”

NSTSA logo

“We have seen better working teams because people understand each other better which has created a safer work environment.”

Keyano College logo | L'image de marque de Keyano College

“Received immediate buy-in from staff, faculty and students across campus when it came time to deliver the training.”

Own The Podium Logo

“I have already started to implement the strategies and methods into my daily routine.”

Wellness matters for...

During her visit, the mid adult home health nurse and the senior adult woman with cancer embrace and laugh together. | Au cours de sa visite, l'infirmière de soins à domicile d'âge moyen et la femme âgée atteinte d'un cancer s'embrassent et rient ensemble.

Providing workers in the healthcare industry with the tools to promote mental health in the workplace while also reducing the stigma of mental illness.

Fellow fireman cheering up colleague | Un collègue pompier encourage un collègue
First Responders

Promote mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness in a first-responder setting.

Cheerful Navajo young woman wearing traditional jewerly | Joyeuse jeune femme Navajo portant des bijoux traditionnels
First Nations

Awaken the courage to have open and honest conversations about mental health.

A multi-ethnic group of students sits in a lecture hall listening to their professor off-screen. They are taking notes with the focus being on a female of Indian descent wearing a hijab. | Un groupe multiethnique d'étudiants est assis dans une salle de conférence et écoute son professeur hors écran. Ils prennent des notes, l'accent étant mis sur une femme d'origine indienne portant un hijab.

Foster a supportive campus community. 

Senior fitness man doing kettle bell exercises inside gym - Fit mature male training in wellness club center - Body building and sport healthy lifestyle concept | Homme de fitness senior faisant des exercices de kettlebell à l'intérieur de la salle de gym - Entraînement masculin mature dans le centre du club de bien-être - Concept de musculation et de sport mode de vie sain
Older Adults

Talk to them about their mental well-being.

Young woman running in Barcelona | Jeune femme courant à Barcelone

Address and promote mental health amongst athletes and coaches.


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Happy smiling multi ethnic group of designer sitting on floor and holding fake mustache as prostate cancer awareness day #Movember. Looking at camera and smiling. | Joyeux groupe multiethnique souriant de créateurs assis sur le sol et tenant une fausse moustache lors de la journée de sensibilisation au cancer de la prostate #Movember. Regarder la caméra et sourire.

Latest News

Each November, the Movember campaign seeks to raise awareness and improve mental and physical health outcomes for men around the world. Some show their support with symbolic…

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New data being released for Mental Health Week sheds light on the persistent stigma faced by people in Canada who identified living with a mental health or substance use disorder.
A registered nurse with nearly 40 years of experience shares how to boost your mood and support your overall mental health as you age.
So early in 2018, I started my own research. I hoped to find a family like mine, for whom things had improved.

From Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation The Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation is partnering with the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC)…

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