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Denise Waligora

“When you’re talking to a young person about their experiences, it’s not about you. By the time you’re an adult, you’ve overcome hardship and learned copingstrategies along the way. The same isn’t necessarily true of youth. You have to be able to listen without minimizing their experiences or comparing them to your own.”

Laurie Belcourt

“It changed who I was. The way I think about people, the way I interact with people, it’s different. I’m a lot more understanding, I’m a lot more empathetic. It’s helped me understand that people have mental health problems.”

“I can now recognize the signs of mental health difficulties in myself and my family, and have tools to understand mental health – what I should practice for myself and how I can support others.”

“Personally I found the content and delivery of the workshop extremely valuable. I have already started to implement the strategies and methods into my daily routine and will begin steps with my athletes today.”

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“We’re excited to be able to collaborate with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to offer The Working Mind certificate program – it’s just another way the OBA is leading the shift in how the profession feels about mental health and building healthy workplaces.”

“I like the variety in this program, there was a lot of ground covered without getting confusing or too overwhelming.”

“The content of the MHFA NP course is highly relatable to current experiences had by Northerners and touches delicately and respectfully on the difficult history of Colonization of Northern Canada.”

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work withmental health experts, such as the MHCC, to continue to improve our members’ education and awareness.”

“I thought providing actual strategies from the facilitators and other participants to help reduce school stress was extremely helpful, and many students would benefit from it.”

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“Indigenous master trainers serve as positive role models in communities among our peers and colleagues to show that not only did we inherit a lot of loss, grief, and trauma, we’ve also inherited resiliency, strength, and determination.”

Denise Waligora

“I don’t think my parents have ever been told it’s ok to feel the way they do. The course has taught me the importance of validating their fears. It’s also improved my communication skills with my parents and opened conversations that may not have happened previously.”

“You can almost feel the collective exhale as participants let the relief of being validated wash over them,” she said. “There is strength in numbers. It helps chip away at the isolation that so often accompanies these struggles.”

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