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The Working Mind Legal Sector

TWM for the Legal Sector Virtual is an evidence-based training, developed to initiate a shift in the way you think, act, and feel about mental health in the workplace. It is specifically designed for employees and managers in the legal sector. The virtual course offers an employee version and a manager version for supervisors and team leads.

“The Ontario Bar Association started the conversation around mental health in the legal profession, providing unique supports, strategies and opportunities to talk more about mental health within Ontario’s legal community. We’re excited to be able to collaborate with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to offer The Working Mind certificate program – tailored and interactive training for law firm leaders that is an extension of this. It’s just another way the OBA is leading the shift in how the profession feels about mental health and building healthy workplaces.”

Karen Perron,
OBA President​

Course Overview

Three Core Modules offer the same foundational content to both employee and manager participants. They focus on increasing self-awareness and taking care of your own mental health.

Module 1: Mental Health and Stigma will introduce participants to the concepts of mental health and stigma, and it will discuss the impacts of stigma on individuals living with mental health problems.

Module 2: Mental Health in the Workplace will help recognize and keep track of changes in your mental health and well-being and know when to take appropriate actions and have conversations about mental health with colleagues and

Module 3: Stress & Resilience will discuss the impacts of stress on mental health and provide an opportunity for participants to practice the Big 4 coping strategies – proven tools to help deal with stress effectively and remain resilient.

The Manager Module offers leadership-specific content and focuses on helping leaders support their teams’ mental health.

Module 4: Supporting Your Team will build on the three core modules and introduce managers with practical tools to support individual employees, and to support their team’s mental health.

Law Society of Ontario Accreditation Seal

Continuing Professional Development Credits

The Working Mind Legal Manager
7 hours Approved Professionalism from the Law Society of Ontario
The Working Mind Legal Employee
5 hours Approved Professionalism from the Law Society of Ontario

Flexible Course Delivery

The Working Mind for the Legal Sector Virtual is divided into four distinct modules. Its flexible delivery format allows for choices in scheduling and modular format supports increased participant engagement in a virtual learning setting.

The four modules are designed to be delivered:

  • In the order given, as the content builds on each previous module.
  • Spaced out or chunked, within a timespan of no longer than two weeks.
  • Organized into separate employee and managers cohorts.

To receive a certificate of completion

  • Employee version requires completion of Modules 1-3.
  • Managers version requires completion of Modules 1-4.
  • Participants are expected to complete all the required modules with the
    same cohort.
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Virtual Course Group Size:

  • Minimum participants: 8
  • Maximum participants: 15
  • Optimal participants: 12

Course Package

  • Slide presentation
  • Facilitator guide
  • Participant handouts & Resources
  • Mental Health Continuum Tool
  • Mental Health guides and Posters
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“The credibility that the Mental Health Commission brings to Opening Minds programs was a key factor in our decision to implement The Working Mind for managers and MHFA.”
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