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Case Studies

Explore a collection of in-depth case studies that reveal how mental health training made the difference in so many different industries.

26 June 2024
In 2023, 7.5% of SHN’s workforce underwent TWM training – a testament to the program’s growing impact. The team at SHN has witnessed a surge in interest, with the session’s waitlist expanding as employees and physicians have encouraged their peers to take the training.
13 February 2024
“The credibility that the Mental Health Commission brings to Opening Minds programs was a key factor in our decision to implement The Working Mind for managers and MHFA.”
29 January 2024
CGI began to prioritize mental health in 2015, primarily due to the growing recognition of the impact that mental health issues were having on its consultants and professionals, which ultimately resulted in increased healthcare costs.
23 December 2022
In Saskatchewan, Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) education is a shared responsibility between the Ministry of Education, under the authority of the Minister of Education, and locally elected boards of education. There are 27 school divisions in Saskatchewan, including public school divisions, separate school divisions, and the francophone school division.


Delve into research studies that unveil the power of our training. Explore the data-driven proof of how Opening Minds makes a difference.

Denise Waligora

“When you’re talking to a young person about their experiences, it’s not about you. By the time you’re an adult, you’ve overcome hardship and learned copingstrategies along the way. The same isn’t necessarily true of youth. You have to be able to listen without minimizing their experiences or comparing them to your own.”

Laurie Belcourt

“It changed who I was. The way I think about people, the way I interact with people, it’s different. I’m a lot more understanding, I’m a lot more empathetic. It’s helped me understand that people have mental health problems.”

“I can now recognize the signs of mental health difficulties in myself and my family, and have tools to understand mental health – what I should practice for myself and how I can support others.”


Hear from individuals whose lives and workplaces have been transformed by our mental health training. Opening Minds makes a real difference.


“The results demonstrate that MHFA increases participants’ knowledge regarding mental health, decreases their negative attitudes, and increases supportive behaviours toward individuals with mental health problems.”


“This study evaluates the effectiveness of providing the Mental Health First Aid training program to student affairs staff. The objective of the training was to…

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